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”Number 17” We Know It’s True
UK Top 20 Charts Radio

‘Number 22’ We Know It’s True

The US TOP 20 SHOW hosted by GRAMMY®-WINNER (2020 Grammys) Al Walser is playing the weekly pulse in music . Airs weekly on hundreds of radio stations worldwide (see radio station listings on

WOA No.1 iTunes Electronical Album .

GOA Chillout Zone Vol.9 Featuring

There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do‘ & Why Oh Why

‘What Are We Together For’, reached No 21 in the South African iTunes All Categories Chart

It’s Christmas Party Time‘ reached No 4 in the South African iTunes Pop Charts.

WOA No. 3 iTunes Rock Charts

We Know It’s True

Mick J Clark Singer Songwriter Chart on iTunes UK Reached No. 4 ‘Causes

‘It’s Getting Near Christmas” Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah’ & ‘It’s Christmas Party Time’ Reached 69,70 & 71 in the iTunes UK Pop Charts

Brand New Love Songs Album Reached No.5 in iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart UK

Brand New Love Songs Album Reached No.9 in iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart USA

It’s almost #Day4 and @MickjclarkJ is holding strong to the #3 position on the iTunes US #worldcharts#top10 with #Arriba! @woarecords@woafm99@oliversean@Wanda_al@LisaCoppola

‘It’s Getting Near Christmas’ is featured at No.7 on Independent No.1’s Christmas Special Vol.7

Mick’s Christmas Mix